The Diary of sailing around Thasos island, Greece

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The alarm woke us up early on Friday, we took a breakfast for sailors, we looked the weather conditions on the internet and off we go heading to Kavala's market to buy groceries and other supplies (ice).

Now we're ready to go!

Off to Kallirachi, Thasos

Excited as we were, we took our rented boat Okeanos ( around 10.00am, with a "Robinson Crusoe" feeling and a relentless desire to swim in the sea every five minutes. The journey to Thassos was beautiful, as we had  a lot of fresh air for our sail and the nice company of friendly dolphins, jumping and diving next to the boat. Cause of the great air we passed Kallirachi and headed to the graphical Skala Marion, Limenaria and finally Pefkari.

Chilling out at Pefkari

In Pefkari, we left our bodies and souls to chill for a while and then decided that we are ready to enjoy diving and swimming at the bay. After many hours of splashing around we left the water and tried our skills in cooking. And God, we were hungry! We ate and then we ate some more, until we had enough and then we lied under the shadow of the tent, listening to soft music and letting the amazing view to enlighten us.

Ending up at Alikes

At 18.00 we slowly set course to the harbour of Limenaria and then we passed close to shore of Poto and the Archangel Monastery where we caught the sunset and finally we reached Alikes, where we had a great night along with the impeccable movement of the sea.

Waking up on Saturday

The waking up process on that Saturday morning came with a fresh wind that helped us head easier to the eastern side of Thasos and specifically to our destination the Isle of Kinira, passing by Cape Mpampoura and Makriammo Theologou on the way, and finally reaching the isle around 11.00. We threw the anchor at the West side of the small isle and got ready to swim and then sunbathe again along with the beautiful but frankly thunderous sound of the cicadas. Tzi tzi tzi...

The Exotic Saliara

Time was passing so we decided to visit the beautiful beach of Saliara, which is quite an attraction, and so we did. It was quite crowded on the beach and there were many boats offshore. We anchored and got ready for another wonderful swim in the blue sea under the music sounds coming from the beach bar.

Night out at Limena (the port)

After one and 1/2 days οn the sailboat, we suddenly felt the urge to step on some solid ground and visit some of the tavernas and bars of Limena. Limena is always busy and alive!

The return

All great things end at some point. This point came for us. In the morning we woke up at 08.00, stepped off the boat and seeked our breakfast at Limena's local bakeries. The time to return home had come so we prepared to sail (we took our time!) so as to head back to Kavala and specifically Palio at the beach bar Nauagos (Castaway). We were there around 12.00 for our last swim. A few hours later we would anchor at Kavala's main harbour.


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