Archodissa Restaurant, Aliki of Thasos

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Aliki emerges from the depths of history. Legend has it that, in the ancient times, this peninsula was ruled by  Queen Aliki.

Built at the edge of the cliff, having unobstructed view to Aliki peninsula, tavern  Archodissa is there for over two decades now. Fresh, welcoming and ready to satisfy your needs...

The view reach up to Demir Xalkas cape, to Monastery of Archangel Michael and if you are lucky enough your sight could reach to Mountain Athos.

After 12 o clock at noon, and until late in the evening you should taste tsipouro, the owner Anastasis produces, along with grilled octopus, fresh pumpkin flower balls of kira Euanthia, chickpea with onions and fresh baked bread. Happy faces, nice music and friendly people get along well with the staff and the owner.

If you want to live a dance experience then you might want to pay a visit to the tavern on Wednesdays, when you may sing and dance! Everybody does!


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Stefania is a local resident of Thassos island and is working for the Web sector. She loves exotic countries like Nepal.

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