Day and night at "Gria Vathra" Waterfalls, Samothrace

Athina Ioannidou
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There is no place in Greece like Samothrace and one reason for that is the number of waterfalls and vathres it has all around the island. Amazing!

One of my favourite ones is Gria Vathra waterfalls, because first, you can easily walk there and second there are a lot of different ones!

Do you like it small, or big? Do you prefer to have other people around or you are of the lonely ones? Make your choice.

When we first got to Gria Vathra, we landed on the 6th or 7th waterfall. There stands every year my favourite one.

I cannot describe the beauty of this place with words, words are poor. You have to go and see for yourself.

p.s. If you want to clean and free yourself you have to stay there at night. Why? Because the water cleans your mind and your soul. Because you will experience the most beautiful dreams in your sleep. Because when you wake up you will take your morning-wakeup-coffee injection shower in the most beautiful and divine waterfalls in the world.

Please don't stay at the waterfalls more than 2 nights, because there are other people that want to enjoy them too.

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