Amazing Waterfalls in Samos.

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You will say i am repeating myself if i claim that this place is blessed. The subjective truth is that you feel blessed everytime you visit Samos island.

You feel even more blessed when you get to Karlovasi and the nearby waterfalls.

This place is magical. Don't you say i am over reacting because i am not. Like a fairytale, Samos Waterfalls belong to its legends and tales, talking about fairies who wash their hair at the foundains of the mountain. We crossed almost the whole creek, whilst the water level variates from your angles to your shoulders. Leave tour smartphone behind.

I stepped around barefoot and very carefully, just like a cat, as i coudln't really see where i was stepping and my flip flops betrayed me (flip flops are not good with water) and my dress turned to a bandana during my effort to keep my clothes dry.

There was a moment when we couldn't keep walking. We now had to climb, or climb over a rock placed in the middle of the creek, while water was bursting all around us.

I said to myself " Foteini you've got this". I am not even close to Lara Croft, so if i was able to do this, everyone is!

We left, but while we were leaving we looked back 2 or 3 times to ckeck on the paradise behind us.

I told you....the place is magical.


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