The traditional village of Molyvos in Lesvos.

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I don't even remember when was the first time I went to Molyvos. It must have been when i was a kid, when travelling with my parents. My parents village is very close to Molyvos, so we went there a lot.

In my mind there are memories visiting Molyvos, from many different times which compile a colorful collage of my image for the village. The most vivid ones are the one walking uphill in the cobbled streets and the other the gazzing of the sun setting at the sea.

Since being a kid, i have been visiting Molyvos very often.

One of the most traditional areas of Lesvos (else called Mithimna), but maybe not the most known one, since Eressos beach is winning the most popular and crowded prize. Well Molyvos is beautiful and easy.

Beautiful because this place is untouched byt the violent modernization of the 90s-00s, keeping it architecture traditional and historic. A traditional village, built on a hill, embracing the earth between the sea and the Castle.

Mr Lefteris, a local, says that Molyvos is "a hospitable place yet not subservient to mass tourism".

Worth going in the after noon, as you can go up and down to feel the beauty of the village and then end up at its small port for a glass of ouzo or maybe enjoy a dessert at one of the balconies looking at the Aegean sea.

Don't forget to visit the castle of Molyvos, lounge at a bench and watch the sun make a plunge to the west. After dark you may enjoy a delicious beer or a cocktail at "Congas" bar.

Molyvos was the home of Elias Venezis, a famous Greek Writer, the inpiration of Statis Myrivilis, another Greek Writer, and the favorite place of Peter Brook!!

Tip: Near Molyvos village you will find "Petra", "Sykamia" and "Mermaid Madonna"


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