Lesvos: Aegean Food Tastes Club.

Athina Ioannidou
Delicious Food
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If you imagined an official place for food tasting, when reading the title, you have imagined wrongly because i am going to take you to the most alternative place you have ever visited. You will find no sign or flashing lights to guide you there. This is almost a secret.

This restaurant is owned by two people, couple in life, who have left Athens after years of running their own restaurants and settled down in Lesvos to live the rest of their life doing what they know best: Cooking Aegean and Meditteranean Food.

What they have created is not a common restaurant nor a tavern. If i had to call it something i would say your mums kitchen or maybe a people organised taverna. It is confussing i know, but this is what makes it so special. Based in a small house, not bigger than 50m2 and placed on a small bay, right next to the beach. It could have been a fisherman's cabin.

This small strange tavern lives in my heart. When we first got there, we were warmly welcomed by the owners and the rest of the people. Not all of them where there to dine or have lunch, but many just visited to have coffee or a hand made desert.

After a while i realised there was no Menu, so you couldn't order something specific. Mr. Panagiotis, one of the owners, informed us that his wife have cooked 6 dishes that day. So we could choose between fish or meat or veggies or salads or pasta. A surprise menu, which changes everyday depending on the mood and material Mrs Eleftheria has available. Like eating at your mums, but your mum is temporarily replaced by Mrs Eleftheria.

All the people around us acted like they knew each other and you had this impression they were your friends. They talked to us, asked where we were from and how was life etc. While we were drinking our ouzo with our mezzes, Mr Panagiotis entered with a hug of mussels right from the rocks of the bay. "Want some?" he asked and we beckoned yes.

In the end we took our plates to the kitchen, just like we do at home and we thanked Mrs Eleftheria for the delicious food. She "made" us eat her freshly made desert.

Tip: The Aegean Food Club is not easily located. It is placed on a bay, you cannot see from the main road, so please let our map guide you, so you won't get lost.

(Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures because we concetrated on the very delicious food, but if you happen to go, please take some for us and send it to our mail, please!!)


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