Agiasos is famous for its theatrical carnival happening each year in Lesvos.

Athina Ioannidou
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I am going to take you to a carnival, which is more of a stand up comedy than a traditional carnival as we all know it. This theatrical phenomenon derives from the unique madness of the local people of Agiaso.

Don't you know Agiaso; Agiasos is a colorful mountain village in Lesvos, situated on mountain Olympos. The local Lesbians are my favourite. Their everyday life is like a farytale and such is the carnival they organise.

The carnival is organised from a club named "Anagnostirion" from the time of the Turkish empire. The tradition is alive until now and is held on the 16th of March. Each year the menu has different theatrical performances which usually talk about the everyday life of the locals, the economic and social reality, the media and the most important issues of the year, performed in the most comedy way.

Stand up comedy! Isn't it perfect?

I tend to go there each year.

Except for the stand up comedy performances, the carnival follows the classical Dionysiac way of drinking, eating, talking dirty and sexual. Sexual poems, dildos, eccentric clothes and loads of fun is the recipie for success. Fiestas are held all over the village, which is absolutely beautiful, with stone-made narrow paths, colorful village houses and an architecture which is influenced by the various conquerors of the island.

A little bit of story:

The people in carnival costums used to stroll down the roads of Agiaso, singing and reading aloud sexual poems and teasing the rest of the people. Meanwhile they used to sing songs, which are famous in Lesvos, like the "Militsa".


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