Sightseeing at Myrina, Lemnos

Vagelina B.
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Sightseeing is offered in Myrina too, though not a big city. If you get bored from the dailysunbathing routine, by all means visit the Archeological Museum and the Pre-historical Site (they are next to each other).

In the Pre-Historical site you also have the chance for a guided tour in the prehistorical remains, and the place is well-maintened, though not very big (a larger prehistorical village lies in Poliochni). The archaeological museum lies in 2 floors and has many exhibits not olny from ancient Myrina, but also from ancient Poliochni. Be careful because you can't take photos from all the exhibits, so ask for permission first!

Another alternative in Myrina is the Church Museum. I didn't have the chance to visit it (it's also in Romeikos Gialos), but the building was on the way to my hotel and was very impressive.

You can also go to Myrina's Castle! You can reach the Castle either from Romeikos or from Tourkikos Gialos. It may not be an easy way to the top, but the view won't disappoint you. The whole Myrina lies in front of you, ready to be pictured in your eyes, or...cameras.

But there's also another “attraction”. The deers! No, I'm not kidding at all. The deers live in natural caves around the Castle and sometimes they come out to enjoy the view...and the tourists. I wasn't that lucky, so I didn't see not a single deer, but you may be luckier!

Tip: If you want to go to the Castle, make sure that's early in the morning or late in the evening. Between 11am-7pm in the summer, trying this will be really exhausting, unless you are “sun-resistant” and fully water-equipped!


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