Romeikos and Turkish Yialos at Mirina, Lemnos

Vagelina B.
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The ship dropped its anchor at the island's capital on a Tuesday, early in July. The sun was hot, although the sun was setting and Myrina unfolded in front of my eyes.

Myrina is divided in two parts: The part of the harbor the so-called "Turkish Gialos ", where the boats and yachts park, where the roads are paved, the nightlife exists, the part of town to keep you awake until the early hours.

If you look up you will see the castle. And when you pass the castle you will enter the other side of Myrina: the quiet, the traditional one, the more "family" one. Romeikos Yialos consists almost entirely of traditional two floor-house, cobblestone streets and a central marketplace where you spot many interesting shops (for souvenirs, dining, or just looking ). If you want to drink you can try the coastal road where you will find many bars and restaurants for all tastes.

In general Myrina is a place where you can go anywhere on foot. One of my favorite moments is to take a walk when the moon is out, to stroll at the seaside of Romeikos Yialos and fool around the castle under the amazing moonlight. What a romantic situation! I recollect those moments.

Tip 1: I am a great fan of home-made food. So the first thing i did was to spot my home-made taverna at Romeikos Yialos. It is placed under a big plane tree in the central market of Romeikos Shore and its name is " Platanos". If you prefer fast-food you will find the souvlaki you deserve at the Turkish Yialos will find the best souvlaki.

Tip 2: The new harbor is not close to the Turkish Yialos so either grad a taxi to your hotel or drop on the municipality van which will take you centrally for free.


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