Kite surfing in Lemnos island and the experience of Glamping.

Athina Ioannidou
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It was some years ago when Yiannis, Riki and Costas decided to make this amazing camp. Friends for many years, they had gone around the globe to find the best beaches with the best waves for their boards. And they found the best.

They found their dream spot, they found THE wave, they found their heaven on earth, on an island so wild and virgin like Lemnos. So they packed their stuff and they made the first Surf spot of Lemnos at the bay of Keros. We found them there, around the camp, but mostly on the waves they so adore. They have been there for the last 7 years and there they will stay for us to visit them every year!

These three friends have built in Keros something really amazing. A high-standards camp, with unique Safari Tents, restaurant and chilling areas. And all these not only to serve the campers but also to accommodate hundrends of Kite Surfers, Windsurfers and surfers who visit them every year.

So you are in the right place if you wish to spend your holidays on a truly unique island and an ideal bay for your Kite surfing madness. You can also enjoy bicycle rides, sea adventures, Sand dune surfing and yoga lessons.

If "athletic" is not the word that describes you best, like us, you will enjoy different things. First of all the Glamping experience*, then the amazing view and scenery, the endless stars in the night and the great vibe around you!

We had some amazing moments in our tents, when the wind was blowing fiercely on our tents and we did feel like we were Samans of the Desert. We got lost counting the stars with our binoculars while on our hammocks and we felt so good to be surrounded by all these young people who woke up every day for this wave that was brought by the North wind.

Trully amazing from every aspect.

Let's go Keros guys, to meet all those crazy kite surfers, surfers , wind surfers and explorers of Lemnos island


*Glamping = Glamorous camping.


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