Beautiful beaches of Myrina, Lemnos

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What's good with Myrina (and I think with the whole island), is that is has small natural bays, which form different beaches where you can swim.

In Myrina that's an additional advantage, because the port is also in a bay and the boats' waste don't affect the water purity in the other beaches!

Two bays in Myrina are offered to enjoy your swim: The one is calles “Riha Nera”, and the other “Romeikos Gialos”, and they are nearby. The first one is a sandy beach. The second is a rocky beach but still beautiful and unique!

Another advantage of these beaches, is that either the municipality or the local beach bars offer sunbeds and umbrellas for free (all of them or at least some of them). That's a very good move considering the crisis we live everyday.

During my staying in Myrina, I visited a beach called “Ay-Giannis”. From the 3 beaches i visited in Lemnos, "Ay Giannis" was the best, maybe because it was quieter or because I hadn't seen such blue sea for many years. Sunbathing in this beach will remain unforgettable and I strongly recommend you to visit Ai Giannis (there are 2 or 3 little bays, the one more spectacular than the other).


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