Mavra Volya beach comes with black shiny rocks.

Evi Vagianou
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Want to have a swim in a beach where the stones are black, round and shiny when its raining and the sea sparkle and shine as they fall onto the rays of the sun? 

You have to come to Chios and specifically at the "Mavra Volya" or "Emporeios" bay, where remains of a very ancient settlement where found, and today is one of the most cosmopolitan and beautiful beaches of the island, located in southern Chios 5 km from the famous Pyrgi. 

The beach is also an attraction, as the big black round and smooth pebbles are said to have resulted from an explosion of the inactive volcano named Psaronas, during the prehistoric period. Specifically, there are two beaches, one next to another, with the second being known locally by the name Foky and the first under the name MAvros Gialos, with frosted and clear water on a dark blue color, because of the black shingles. 

The two beaches are connected with a path of paved steps. On the hill of Prophet Elias stood the temple of Athena, dating from the 8th century BC, the ruins of which you can see at the Archaeological Museum of Chios. The summer afternoon sun falls quite early, but the beach remains enchanting any time of day. 

Water, beverages and food can be bought at the nearby port of Emporios, where there are restaurants, cafes and rooms for rent. And remember: Do not be tempted to get "black rocks" from the beach, as there is a big sign from the Municipality of Mastichochorion which says "No shingle picking allowed"!


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