Greek Easter - Breathtaking Rocket war custom in Chios island.

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Why should you choose Chios for Easter? What does it have to offer? It's not even summer! What can you experience? Don't you know i? The famous and unique easter custom of Chios: Rocket war. My excitement about this custom is so big i can't even pick a start to the story.

This customs started during the Otoman Emperoship, a war between the two churches of Vrontados, the Church of Saint Markos and Church of Virgin Erithianis. The people of Virgin Erithianis church has a specific target: the dom and the lion symbol of Saint Markos and the target for Saint Markos people is the bell of Virgin Erithianis.

On Holy Saturday all teams are set with their rockets on hand. If you go to experience this amazing customs you will deeply feel what this Rocket-war means to Vrontado's people. The rocket bases are set and trial shot are made to test the accuracy of the target. Under a common whisle starts the impressive spectacular. As time goes by the war get more and more intense.

When the bells ring for Christ's Ressurection, the Rocket-war stops and people go to church to attent the ceremony in a total adrenaline. The moment the priests announce the Ressurection thoussands of rockets fly off giving us the most wicked feeling of awe in the world. The sky gets full of lights making the night a day.

The next day, the rocket-players go to the opposite church to check what they have achieved on the "enemy". Who is the winner? No one ever knows and it doesn't really matter because at this war no one is defeted.

Local Tips: If you want to experience this i will give you two tips: Firstly if you want to be near the battle fields then forget nice looking clothes, just wear your casuals cause you are going to get very dirty. Secondly, the best place to observe this amazing spectacular is from Epos spot, the highest spot to enjoy the view.


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Ονομάζομαι Μακρίδη Δέσποινα.Γεννήθηκα στις 22-06-1991 στη Χίο. Είμαι απόφοιτος Ιστορίας Αρχαιολογίας του Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων. Κάτοχος άδειας ασκήσεως στο επάγγελμα του ξεναγού. Ζω σε ένα νησί που και μόνο η θεά της θάλασσας σε κάνει να θέλεις να ταξιδέψεις, να αποδράσεις, να ονειρευτείς, και να ανακαλύψεις άλλες παραδόσεις, ανθρώπους και νοοτροπίες ίσως γι αυτό να επέλεξα να κάνω κάτι τέτοιο. Πολλές φόρες λένε ότι τίποτα σε αυτή την ζωή δεν γίνεται τυχαία όλοι ακολουθούμε ένα πεπρωμένο κάτι για το οποίο είμαστε φτιαγμένοι να κάνουμε και να γίνουμε άλλωστε ενστερνίζομαι απόλυτα το γνωμικό του συγγραφέα Κοέλιο όπου έλεγε Να είσαι γενναίος. ΄'Ρισκάρισε. Δεν υπάρχει υποκατάστατο για την εμπειρία.' Γι αυτούς όλους τους λόγους και για άλλους πολλούς ταξιδεύω μ αρέσει να γνωρίζω κόσμο και μέρη .Ετσι συμπληρώνονται τα κομμάτια του εαυτού μας.

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