The fairies of Guesthouse Spilia in Kardamila, Chios.

Evi Vagianou
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The return to the hometown of my grandparents was accompanied with mixed emotions, as i have heard so many stories since I was a kid. Same was the curiosity about the hostel that would host us. 

The Spilia Guesthouse in Upper Kardamyla, at the region of Pefkias, was everything I imagined and much more. The small houses that make up the hostel, were bought in 1983 to become a folklore museum, according to the wish of Dimitri, who wanted to house the valuable collection. In 1997 began the restoration and somewhere along the way, fortunately for all of us who enjoyed the occasional guest, the plan changed. 

Fully harmonized with the aesthetics of the landscape, Spilia got their name because the moonlit nights, the missing cornerstones from the doors looked like caves. And somewhere there comes Geragides, residing in the adjacent mount Gria, to complete the magic of the place. Saying Geragides, the Kardamylites mean gnomes and ghosts, which reside in ruins, churches and bridges, caves, steep dangerous places, shady forests and rivers or springs and canyons. In other parts of the island, as well as throughout Greece, we just call them fairies. Even the simple concept of fairies in this magical place takes another dimension! 

At the top, where the hostel ends, stands a stone theater where concerts take place, seminars, painting and photography exhibitions, book presentations and other events, always in the shadow of the mountain and overlooking the bay of Kardamilon. 

Bridging yesterday and today comes our great host Kiki, whose love and passion for what she does, wins immediately every soul. With her kindness and her smile, but ... also with her superb breakfast, made with pure ingredients in place, such as barley flour, carob and grits. All this along with homemade jams and handmade sweets, made ​​even more delicious and delectable under the vines, in the peace and tranquility, overlooking the picturesque Upper Kardamyla, the village of my grandparents, which after three days in Spilia acquired another glamor and beauty in my eyes! 

If you want to enjoy the Northern Chios and feel the authentic beauty, you must visit Spilia!


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