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In my humble heart, Thessaloniki is My city . I have lived in many other places or cities, but when i come back to this amazing city the air smells different..Not only because of the smell from the sea, which honestly is not the most pleasant some times but because Thessaloniki has an aged beauty,...
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Are you in for elephants, Bollywood, Budas and indian food without having to pay a fortune to go to India? Don't go far, Thessaloniki is offering it to you and is inviting you to discover it. Lovely moments and positive energy enhance the walls and little yard of Nargis Restaurant. Nargis is one of...
Delicious Food
Tomburlika = A woman that is " Fatty ", or " Tubby ", coming from the Turkish word tombul. The name of Tomburlika tavern is taken from an old Rempetiko song, so as you can guess this place is an ambassador of Rempetiko music and the Rempetiko era. If you don't know what Rempetiko is you should...
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Modigliani = Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, was an Italian painter and sculptor . Modigliani is place in Thessaloniki, with an aura from another age. An era when Saturdays where the days people chose to gather in the Central Market of Thessaloniki (Kapani) in order to do the weekly shopping. Fruits,...