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Paradise Beaches, Things to do
Giola lagoon , is a natural lagoon , built by the sea, the waves and the rocks. It looks like a natural swimming pool where you can dive and swim with safety. The water is hotter than the sea, which makes it quite pleasant even for the early days of summer. In the edge of the lagoon you can sit and...
Local Fiestas
This is a great opportunity to taste some free baked sardines, drink wine offered by the villagers and listen to some live greek music at a fiesta organised by the local N.g.os of Kallirahi village in Thassos. Thassos is celebrating and invites all visitors to join one of the createst fiesta of the...
Things to do
Brochure Astrocamping on Thassos, at the end of July, is renewed, aiming this year to touch the Stars! From 26th to 30th July the Mountain of Thassos is calling us to travel with seminars, observations, lectures by distinguished professors and much more, so that through our fellowship, we will...