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"A mountain in the middle of the sea, called "Fegari" (Moon in english). An amulet in the end of Aegean. Far for the many but always close for the ones that choose it and are chosen by it. This is the island of Big Gods. The gods of sky, nature and sea live here and their essense are obvious in all...
Bars and Beach Bars
Caffenio "Therma" is the ultimate cafe in Samothrace. The meeting point of all young tourist in Samothrace. If you want to find the beautiful girl you saw at Old lake this morning, you definitely have to spend some hours waiting at "Therma" Caffenio. "Therma" is a 12h cafe and another 12h bar, so...
There is no place in Greece like Samothrace and one reason for that is the number of waterfalls and vathres it has all around the island. Amazing! One of my favourite ones is Gria Vathra waterfalls, because first, you can easily walk there and second there are a lot of different ones! Do you like...
Bars and Beach Bars
Saoki is an amazing beach bar (Just look at the photo). A chill out area for those that know how to enjoy life. Lay on the white mattresses and wait for the sunshine. Although it is a beach bar, i prefer it when it is dark. If you want to listen to some great music from different bands around the...