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Delicious Food
Αναπολώ με μεγάλη νοσταλγία τα παιδικά μου χρόνια στο μέρος αυτό όπου κάθε μέρα που περνούσε ήταν το ίδιο ανέμελη και γεμάτη από γέλια και πειράγματα. Eίμαι όμως και απ τους τυχερούς, που καταφέρνω και επιστρέφω συχνά στον τόπο μου, ανακαλώντας όσο το δυνατόν περισσότερες μνήμες από την παιδική μου...
Sightseeings, Things to do
When i was little and people talked about the "Trip to Kythera", my mind got lost in the slow scenes of Aggelopoulo's movie and i had an opinion about the island through the directors eyes. Then i discovered that nothing can be compared with the a real trip to Kythera. I decided to do my own trip...
Paradise Beaches, Things to do
It was a warm day of August, when I departed from Athens, going to the delightful island where I come from, Kythira. It was about time I visited Chytra, the small island, also known as "The Egg". Some days later I got in the boat of captain Spyros and our short journey to Chytra began. My...