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The Acroploro were carved figures that adorned the bow in major ships of Galaxidi. Whole female figures, often with one hand raised, were the personification of the soul of the vessel. Once we reached the traditional appartments "Acroploro" in Galaxidi, we were expected by Mr. Dimitris Drakos, a...
Delicious Food
Walking through the narrow streets of Galaxeidi, we crossed by the nice tavern of Mr. Nikos Theoharis, the " Bebelis ". A truly charming tavern with a warm family environment and enticing smells of the various delicacies. We sat at a table next to the fireplace. Mrs Kristallia, a sweet and simple...
Who ever spend a day at Galaxidi on the Clean Monday, is most certainly unable to forget that day. Who ever has spend a day at Galaxidi on the Clean Monday, has experienced a carnaval like no other. I am refering to the tradition of Flour war, which holds since 1801!!!! Yes, you understood me right...