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Crete is well-known for Samaria's Gorge but its not the onely one. As genuine Indiana Jones we had the idea to visit another gorge...The Gorge of The Dead or else Zakro's Gorge, a small gorge at the east part of Crete , some 100km from Agios Nikolaos. We headed to the village Ano Zakros so we can...
While driving at the snaky roads of Crete towards Makrigialos, near Ierapetra, we called Myrto from Aspros Potamos to inform her about our arrival time. When she told us to make sure we arrived before it's dark, we realized that everything we read in the site were probably true: The hostel works...
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There is no man who has not heard the story of Spinalonga, the island of lepers. Although the island's history starts since prehistoric times and continues in antiquity, the Byzantine times, the Venetian and Ottoman rule, Spinalonga is known primarily as a place of martyr, a place of exile for...