Thessaloniki and her Balcony

Fay Panidou
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I love every little piece of this city. Anywhere i go i will always notice somethings different, something new that i haven't noticed the previous time, or it has changed in a short time period.

I know you will ask me ironically: How come this city sounds so good. It is a city!

Well i can argue on that. I know that it has some bad parts, some things that annoy me, like the rubbish on the streets, or the smell from the dirty port and the traffic.

I accept the bad ones and i focus on the good ones. The colours of the city, the diversified smells, the sounds and the images are so unique and different.

Thessaloniki has many faces, but is not a schizo, its has many different people, you will listen to many different ideas, you will see its many different colours and mood.

If you want to clear your mind and easy your soul you will certainly find the right place for you to do it.

As for me you will find me at the upper part of the city, somewhere in the Old town, somewhere near the Castles, where i can look at the city from above.

The Castles area, are called the Balcony of the city, because from there you can look at the whole panorama of the city. You can also count the stars, or even touch the sea with your hand and one eye closed.

This Old town, closed behind its stone walls will always impress me. It is like i am travelling somewhere else, maybe in a different era.

It feels like you are in a labyrinth of narrow streets, traditional local markets and stone-built houses.

Romantic or not, take your beloved one up there, cause as the people say "When you look from above the earth looks like a painting".


About the Author

Fay Panidou

Born and raised in Thessaloniki. I grew up in my mum's bookstore and I love this smell. When i finished my studies in Business Administration did not even know what I wanted to do. Now 25 years old I think i found it. I run the family bookstore, organize events and book presentations and anything else that can create something different! I love dancing, tango, music and books and if i didn't live in Thessaloniki i would in Porto! I don't know what the future brings but I like to think positive and continue to dream about my own little different cafe full of books.

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