Rempetiko at Tomburlika tavern in Thessaloniki

Athina Ioannidou
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Tomburlika = A woman that is "Fatty", or "Tubby", coming from the Turkish word tombul.

The name of Tomburlika tavern is taken from an old Rempetiko song, so as you can guess this place is an ambassador of Rempetiko music and the Rempetiko era.

If you don't know what Rempetiko is you should watch this movie: The Rempetiko (1983).

So back to Tomburlika now. This place is a very old ouzo-tavern in Thessaloniki (it used to be in Kalapothaki road), so it doen't need any special testimonial. People know it for its quality in food and in authentic local and rempetiko music. Tombulrika is so famous in the circles of Rempetiko, that it has also produced albums on rempetiko music.

So, you will  not go there for it superb dishes, or the excellent and friendly staff, but for its unique environment and the authentic music experience. There is a small stage where the musician play, where there is alway a piano and two seats for the musicians.

Pantelis and Aris are writting history with their songs for years.


They say that when Stavroula, the cleaning lady, comes out of the kitchen and heads to the stage, the bones and skulls of old Rempetiko singers groan and the place gets on fire!

I suggest little in quantity but major in quality: Tsipouro or white wine and a collection of mezze (ask it as pekelia).

The rest will come.


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