Pasta Flora Darling: The most magical place in Thessaloniki.

Spyros Paloukis
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Somewhere in the center of Thessaloniki, in between an urban gorge made of concrete buildings, there is the pedestrian area of Zefxidos Str. It was 10 years ago when "Pasta Flora Darling" cafe-bar, opened its doors to the people.

We are talking about a different universe, an unusual one, a colourful one, like a fairytale. Every single time i visit it, i imagine entering a movie scene, probably by Almodovar, or an imaginary story of Louis Carol or Frank Baum.

First thing i do, order a coffee. Then i let myself go to the sweet jazz melodies of the "Pasta Flora Darling" d.j. and wait for the Wizard of Oz to make my coffee and the Alice of Wonderland to serve it. I observe the space around me and i see silent heroes of my childhood to look at me and smile.

I imagine that all these silent heroes wake up after the last customer has left and the door closes behind him. I imagine Yiannis and Dimitris (the owners of this place) having a conversation with them, about what they have seen during the day, what they have listened to and experiences from all these people that come to Pasta Flora darling and spend a small portion of their day in this magic land.

When the night gives its position to the first beam of light, our heroes slowly take their place, getting ready to welcome the first customers of this new day.

I go to Pasta Flora Darling regurarly, since the fist day it opened. There is not a certain time during the day, when you will go and not face beautiful and happy people. For me it is a place to become a child again, to escape from the barriers of the city, to be the lead actor at the movie of your life. To meet and to be met. To enjoy the things that you lose.


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Spyros Paloukis

Spyros Paloukis (b. 1980) hails from Edessa. Studied Computer Science in Thessaloniki and photography (Stereosis), while in Belgium he did a Masters degree in American Studies. He is a photographer, writer and animator and have also published Magic Box & Fata Morgana ( He has written five books (two fiction "Charlemagne and the camera of Secrets", "The Generation of Black Out" and three albums "Edessa", "Daydreaming: Hundred Greeks in Belgium dream of Greece", "Wonderwood | The Forest of wonderland. "More at

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