The old Horse (Palialogo) cafe bar in Thessaloniki

Yota Baron
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At the junction of E.Emprar & O.Diamanti in Upper Ladadika, there is a traditional cafe, a very very special one. Is is called "The Old Horse".

I do not know many details about who the are, or what they do, but I know they are serving one fine Tsipouro and delicious appetizers! 

I also know that the owners are people with passion, with a clear vision, with love for music and enjoyment! That is why at least three times a week there is live band playing at the store.

I found myself there at a party, in June. It was one of the most moving experiences for me cause it reminded me of our own feasts, homemade, when people gathered, sang and danced ... I was so impressed by the warmth of its people, the spontaneous moments and the crazy positive energy the space has. These are the reasons i keep going back there almost every week. And the unbelievable part is that i ALWAYS have fun.

On Sundays they celebrate with traditional folk music and dance. If you are keen for some tradition you should try Sunday.
I usually go there with friends, or i go alone and i make friends. I drink their excellent raki, i chit chat, i listen, i enjoy the silence, i sing, i drink, i dance, i laugh. Every time!!

The legend says that somewhere around there lurks a neighbor, which prohibits music after 23.00. One summer evening we show him sitting at a table next to the street, the orchestra played and the time had already gone to 23.00. A moment passed and the neighbor said with a heavy and booming voice, "Well, we did say that music should stop at 23.00, didn't we;"


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Yota Baron

Yota Baron knows about Flamenco. Not only to dance but also to sing on Flamenco music with passion. If you haven't seen her sing, you will be confused. She looks like being from Andalucia, but no she is one of the best Flamenco singers in Greece! 

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