My walks at Seih Sou forest in Thessaloniki

Makis Serafimidis
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Thessaloniki is well known for its urban beauty, its night life and its exquisite bar, cafes and restaurant. Not many know or realise that Thessaloniki has a vibrant nature and a beautiful forest to offer.

Nature? Forest? You will certainly assume that to find this you have to travel outside Thessaloniki. Well no! 15 minutes from the center of the city, at Saint Paul district, you will find "Seih Sou" ,a nature oasis where you can hike, or bike, or walk and enjoy a short break from the cities vibe.

You will be impressed with the magical colours of the trees, which change depending on the time of year, you will find great paths to follow and spots to hold your breath and enjoy the view. This place is so live and fresh, that you just can't believe you are next to the city's centre.

Although my free time is limited to some hours in weekdays and some weekends, i choose to visit "Seih Sou" to refresh  my brain and calm my senses. Either on foot or on my bike, i follow the forest paths and end up at the higher spot of the forest, where i can chill out and enjoy the nature and the view to the city and the sea.

In "Seih Sou" i feel free of troubles, i get positive energy and i leave the forest with a new state of mind and a rejuvenated will.

It is so close and so far at the same time.

But still a miracle.


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Makis Serafimidis

My name is Makis Serafeimidis and in 1990 i decided to do business in a quite unknown field in Greece, Podology. Following my mother's steps, a well known professional of the field, i chose to leave for Germany and study podology. In 2004 i will create the company WILLMAK together with a website called

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