Litsa's Ecological Farm very close to Thessaloniki

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Today it's Sunday.

I have gathered the skins of some bananas, oranges, mandarins and some carrots and i left the house.

Not alone. I have two little people following me with a lot of excitement and energy.

I am driving to Thermi district, heading to Litsa's Ecological Farm, where two lovely cats will wait for me at the entrance.

Here we are! The two little people (2 and 4 years old, meaning my children), whom i cannot catch up with, are running in front of me towards the gate where i can see two white dogs.

After a lot of dog hugging, dog poking, dog ear and tail pulling, we go straight to three horses standing somewhere near. One of them, the white one, is looking at me with an attitude, which makes me step back, but the two fellows are fearless, so they start feeding them like they are doing a ritual. First the white horse and then the two brown horses.

A little further we can see a path filled with fallen yellow leafs and me and the kids will definitely roll our bodies amongst them until some of them will get in our hair.

The goats are waiting for us. They are hungry, they are happy. Their faces are like they are always laughing while eating the green skins we are feeding them. We pass the gooses as they are even more noisy than we are and we can't stand them and we head to the big pig. Well, i am not gonna put my hand in there even if they pay me, i am thinking, but the two little people have done all the work for me. The pig is now eating and moving its head with pleasure. Yiammy!

Now it time for Mammy to sit down at the hand made wooden bench and look persistently to the "no where" while making a million thoughts. The children have forgotten all about me. They are lost somewhere in the paths, with their animals and their favourite hide and seek games.

I have my camera with me and i will make some remember clicks to take back home. We have to present the world with our achievements!!

 Alternatrips team: At the farm you might also do some horse ridding and you are able to choose among many bio products to buy for your home and the children.


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