At the Junction of Navarino square and Tsimiski Str, Thessaloniki.

Marina Karpozilou
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Junction of Tsimiski and Navarino. "Tsimiski and Gounari" says Stavros, correcting me. No, i insist Tsimiski and Navarino.

A Totally alternatrive pedestrian area, transforming very slowly from year to year,Τσιμισκή με Ναυαρίνου. You won't notice many things changing in this area, maybe because people are trying to keep its identity intact. Navarino square is meeting Tsimiski str., the most commercial street in Thessaloniki,  at its south end. This union has always been very impressive for me, althouth in real terms there is nothing special. It is just a junction of two streets, with its shops and rantevous and everything.

It is Saturday morning. I start walking from the North side of Navarino, always having my eyes towards the see and walking down the square. I try to resist the smell from fresh Crepes coming from my right and keep walking. I cross by the book shop "Kentri" to buy my favourite magazine and when exiting i stop to observe my surroundings. I like what i see! People with colourful hair and single color clothes, ancient ruins and a Tattoo saloon. The sun is shining and the benches are full of people talking and smiling.

Well, time to move on further down, as i am reaching the Junction of Tsimiski str and Navarino, and before that i cross by a Hot dog snack bar, with 40cm Hot Dog. Jesus!!! How much cholesterol!!

So now i have reached Tsimiski str and i am entering a totally different world. I am not walking on a square now, i am on the most central street in Thessaloniki, where people walk next to you, slow or fast, groups of friends are passing you, couples with coffee at hand, families and loners, all heading to the markets.

So welcome to reality!


About the Author

Marina Karpozilou

Marina is a journalist living in the centre of Thessaloniki. She hates buses, although she admits her fellow passengers are the greatest source of inspiration for her. Her greatest fear is regretting not becoming a balerina when she gets 50 years old, but in reality her greatest passion was theatre.

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