“Frederick My Darling”, the vintage cafe-bar in Thessaloniki.

Elena Almp
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Bonjour mes amis, I am back again! You will not get rid of me so easily, so sit back in your armchair and enjoy me. Once again I will share with you my humble thoughts. Αll right, are not so humble...

So, on the occasion of my last visit in Thessaloniki, I would like to introduce you, to a special place for me. In my last article I made a reference about it, so I think it's time to talk about the "Frederick my Darling". Yes, it is related to a vintage-retro cafe! Probably, in my previous life I lived in the decade of the 50's - 60's, otherwise I can’t explained this tendency I have for this type of cafe.

Let's talk about it. The "Frederick My Darling", which took its name from a loveable dog, is a vintage cafe that respects itself. Decorated with antiques and posters from that period (50's - 60's), traveled me  during time and took be back to the birth of Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly, the Elvis, the Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash. If you, therefore, feel the need for a break from the everyday routine and want to travel (like me) in the decade of the 50's - 60's, this is the perfect destination.

And beyond the atmosphere, we are concerned about the drinks. At "Frederick" you can choose from a wide range of beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic ) at affordable prices. And last but not least, in terms of service… it was nicely.

And because all streets lead to Frederick; what 's better than enjoying your coffee, listening to music of this period and sit under the imposing look of Audrey!?

The “Frederick My Darling" is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, at 87 Olympus Street.


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I was born in Greece, and more specifically in Kavala. I love every kind of art because i believe that art help us to express our feelings, and is the best way to remember every moment of our life as well everything are worth remembering! One of my biggest dreams is...let me keep it a secret!!! ;)

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