At the Fish Market of Thessaloniki (Kapani)

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I love this city, because it has a lot of hidden secret almost one at every corner. When you walk Thessaloniki and you have the time to enjoy it, you can discover most of them. But you have to have our eyes and ears open to recognize them.

My Favourite place in Thessaloniki is the Fish Market in the Central market of Thessaloniki, else called "Kapani".

For sure this love have started when i started loving fish. Some time ago, i thought that fish cooking was very hard, so i was passing through the fish market only to feel its vibes and to listen the vibrant voices of the people working and promoting their stuff: "Best tsipoura here!!!"

Now that i know how to cook fish, i drop every now and then at the fish market to shop and experience the market crowd and philosophy. The people there just make my day!! They are so impulse and happy and although they have been standing and working since early in the morning, they tend to make fun with one another, or fight, or laugh or sing.

Listening to this human choir, you feel the authenticity of these people, you feel free and sincere yourself. The fact is that while trying to convince you they have the best fish in the market they express uniquely and i wished i was a photographer to capture these fine portraits of real people.

Me and my daughter, Anastasia, have it as a ritual to go to Kapani Fish Market every week, to get our weekly fish, and although the voices and noise and people all over the place, Anastasia is not afraid. Probably she got used when she was in my belly.

Even if you don't aim for fish, you should pay a visit to Kapani Fish Market, to get an idea of what i am talking about here.


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I was born and raised in Germany. I love Thessaloniki and i love travelling. I prefer to travel outside Europe as these cultures inspire me more. When we get back from a trip like this i feel high for at least a month. If i told you i am a hairdresser i would lie. When i gave birth to my daughter i sold my hairdressers store and became a fulltime mamma. I love hairstyling that's why i use it in different project i do from time to time.

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