The experience of COLORS Rooms & Apartments in Thessaloniki

Magda Diamanteli
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Although it was a very cloudy Monday, entering COLORS Rooms & Apartments changed our mood! It was like entering the sunshine.

Like the name indicates, you face a wolrd of colors. The mind is travelling somewhere else from the first minute you enter. The reception is on floor 1.

All these colors and the lovely decoration makes you feel warm and peaceful and in the same time an inside force tells you that you have to explore this place from one corner to the other. Miss receptionist welcomed us with a huge smile!. She has to really enjoy her job. After doing some basics she took us to our ROOM.

You could notice a secret smile on our faces. Miss receptionist gave us a brief presentation of the room, she transfered her positive energy to us and then she let us enjoy our stay. When the door closed, enthousiasm was drawn on our faces. We started exploring the room, opening the closet, looking at the bathroom, touching the towels until we finally landed on the bed.

I really enjoyed two photos in the living room area. The first one quoted "Lets color the clouds with colors that do not exist", which really made me dream. I also enjoyed the game of shadows coming from the many wooden dolls, which were strategically placed over our bed. It seems extraordinary, as the light fell on them.

After the exploring period of our stay, we needed to step out the buidling and experience the life of Thessaloniki. When we got back to our room, we sticked to the living room area, to enjoy and think over what we have done during the day. It really felt like home.

I was really impressed. I never felt like home in any other hotel i stayed in the past. I slept like a rock. We barely woke up on time in the morning. My friend could not the warm and soft linens of the bed, while i was up, preparing myself.

After packing our stuff, we set a last, nostalgic glance in our room and we left. When leaving the key at the reception, Miss receptionist asked us if we were pleased with our stay. Well more than pleased, we explained! It was fabulous!

We exited the building and while going down the street, i looked at my friedn and the first thing we said was to come back again. We laughed like kids and we disappeared at the end of the street.

We want to thank COLORS Rooms & Apartments for accomodating us and Alternatrips and Athina ioannidou for this special gift.

Magda - Mixalis


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Magda Diamanteli

My name is Madga Diamanteli and i live in Thessaloniki as a curly hair photographer. I have studied photography, an art which lets me express the way i want. Faces are my beloved theme when i photoshoot because eyes let more of a person and give the photograph a different meaning.

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