Day and night, winter and summer at Lena's Bistrot, Thessaloniki

Evi Papavergou
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For the last two years, Lena's Bistrot at Laladika district, is one of my favourite spots in Thessaloniki.

The reasons vary and i am not getting into big details, but i just want to let you know that this small and quite cafe has been a home for the most important moments of my two last years.

Are for a business meeting, or maybe a friends gathering? Is anyone having his birthday, or do you want to take your mum out for a glass of good wine? Are you in love trying to find a nest for two birds in love? Well, in my opinion you should definitely try Lena's Bistrot.

I will give you the reasons:

Numero uno. The building the bistrot is placed, was the property of Lena's grand-grandpa, where he served the Thessalonikians as a hairdresser or as a cafe owner. There is a history behind these walls and you can feel it. The multicultural thessaloniki of the past ages are reflected on these walls.

Numero dos. This place is so warmly hearted and friendly, that it makes you believe all customers are just a big company. You can drop by to say Hello to Lena and ask for that special Liker she has made by hand and just let yourself to be nicely treated by her warm presence and her kindness. She has a personality you cannot ignore! Boom!

Numero tres. I suggest home made lemonade (yiam!) with cinammon or wam and bitter chocolate, as starters and if you want to continue Lena can suggest you some good red and white wines, of excellent quality, or bombastic Cocktails!!!

You will notice small blankets on the tables outside, in case you get chilly, you will enjoy the decoration Lena is taking care every Xmas or Carnival time, you will get free wifi, free sweet smiles from the Barmen, delicious tramezzino and lovely music, all of which make you fall in love with this place on first sight.

Enjoy it!


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Evi Papavergou

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