Bord\\deleau bar and art space in Thessaloniki.

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Bord\\deleau is a multi-space, consisting of 4 different spaces which exist to express different types of art. The whole philosophy and the aesthetics of this place started from the art\\design workshop which designs and creates furniture, home accessories and jeauleries, redesings and restructures spaces and host art exhibitions of young artists.

The second space belongs to sense\\lens. This studio is dedicated to photography, video productions and web development, while it shapes and reshapes the digital image of Bord\\deleau.

The third and youngest space is the Monoscopic office, which consists of graphic designers. Its mission is the creation of graphic designs, art direction, brand name developement, corporate identity and so on.

 The forth and last space is the one that connects Bord\\deleau with the outside world. It is the Drink\\room. Well you can guess what you can do here, right? The space of the drink room is designed on a minimal basis. It is open for 11:00 till 3:00 (while on Weekend days it keeps up to 5:00. An ideal space for business meeting, for evening hang outs and night drinks, but it can also offer extraordinay music events and themed nights. So check out the schedule before landing there.

When i visited this place, the sub lights and the calmness of the design, eased my soul. The familiar smile of the bartender was the welcome we needed, the service was excellent and the music was atmospheric. I had a lovely time there. Next time i am going to one of their event-parties. I guess it will be a whole different experience.

p.s. The Camikazi cocktail was fabulous!


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