The beauty of Alexandrou Svolou str, Thessaloniki.

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Thessaloniki is seductive and beautiful, and now i have to choose my favorite place, which is difficult as there are a lot of places i adore and i would talk about for hours.

After a lot of thinking, i finally chose my favorite place in this city. It is Alexandrou Svolou Str.


Because it has a special character, because it is stops at Saint Sofia's church, because it is a central road but also quite.

I like to go up and down this street. I cross by Navarino Square, one of the most central squares of the city, i cross by little shops, rock bars, retro cafes and beautiful bistros.

I walk down the street and i enjoy the large pavement and the big trees, which share with me their shadow when the days are hot.

An urban street, with pleasant details and some beautiful building to photograph and look at.


Alternatrips team suggests:

  • If you are a movie maniac you will find: AZA cinema club, which has to offer over 15.000 movies, gathered with respect for over 27 years by its owener Yiannis Zachopoulos.
  • If you are into the Irish pubs you will find: "Anemoessa" bar, one of the oldest bars on the street with a great collection of beers and a very Bohem atmosphere.
  • If you are into greek Cuisine you will find: "Orea Hellas", which means Beautiful Greece, where you will enjoy very very tasty greek dishes, but not the classic ones.
  • If you are into Indian Cuisine you will find: "Nargis", our favourite indian restaurant in Thessaloniki, situated in a beautiful hidden garden.

About the Author


My name is Maria or Amira Lacrima and i come from Alexandroupolis. I live in Thessaloniki for the last three years and i am a singer for the last two. Together with Dimitris or else Big Shine we band as Fyah Fist, mainly based on reggae dancehall soundsystem.

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