Amicale: Paris in the centre of Thessaloniki

Ilias Meletis
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It is 8 o clock in the morning and the city has almost waken up. My friend Panos, who is the owner of Amicale cafe, is setting the espresso machines ready for the first Gourmet coffees of the day. We are on the 22nd Pavlou Mella Str.

There is no better way to start your day, than being in a chill out espresso cafe, situated in the centre of the city, always accompanied by people you see everyday at the same cafe.

I am taking down my cappuccino looking at a superb 4 metre photo of Avenue des Champs-Élysées and my mind travels there under the sounds of Parisian Music.

Amicale means friendly. There couldn't be a better name for this small Maison du Cafe. You will meet ordinary and extraordinary people, whom will look very familiar to you from the first time.

Panos, has made this cafe, with its chic design and calm colours, with its girls giving their best smiles for you everyday, in order to welcome you not only as a customer, but as an old good friend visiting over.

Is there a better reason to stop by?

My coffee is now over and it is time to start my everyday activities. If feel good and refreshed, because i started my day in an inspiring place which urges me to do a morning mind travel to a different space.

See you tomorrow then and please have my coffee ready around 8!!


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Ilias Meletis

Elias Meletis (born in 1980) hails from Katerini. The last 14 years he is living and working in Thessaloniki. He studied Multimedia and Information Technology at Open University in England. His creative studio focuses on User Interface / User Experience design with many of his work awarded by the Greek Graphic Design and Illustration and various magazines such as Communication Arts (USA). He is also the creator and Editor in Chief of inspirational web-magazine NationalTraveller ( More at

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