Off road experience in Lake Kerkini with a 4x4 or a bike.

Athina Ioannidou
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Nikos from Limneon Guesthouse, clearly said "Guys to experience the Lake you have to get on the mound and navigate from there. All embankments routes can be made by car or by bike. Three are the best routes he suggested:

  • Chryssochorafa - Lithotopos.

From the village Chryssochorafa you head to the embankment of the lake and then head South towards the village of Lithotopos. We took this route with a Jimny 4x4 we had at our disposal and frankly it was a fantastic things to do. Do not miss it in any way. We went through the farm with the buffalos and then gazed the Lake from above, we crossed makeshift huts of the fishermen, made friends with the wife of a fisherman who almost invited us at their lunch table.

  • Chryssochorafa - Megalochori.

Just the opposite way from the first, start again from Chryssochorafa village till you reach the mound but then head to the north towards the village of Megalochori, you reach the estuary of the Strymon Lake and pass over the river until you reach Vyronia village. We didn't follow this route as it was winter time and the water in the northern part subside considerably. If you visit in spring or summer then you can enjoy it better because in this direction you can find buffalos, the scene of Angelopoulos film from "Weeping Meadow", maybe flamenco and enjoy the flora and fauna of the lake.

  • Livadia - Kerkini.

Finally, there is another route on the west side of the Lake. You start from the village Kerkini, head to the mound and follow it until you get to the next village, Livadia. We didn't try this route, but if you do please share your experience with us in the comments.

On the road that connects Lithotopos village with Kerkini village there isn't a mound, but along the way you will notice on your right or left the watchtowers which you can enter and gaze at the lake or take a pick nick.

You should most definetely try at least one of these routes! It's a great experience! We can vouch for that!


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