Kerkini Lake: 15 things you must do when you get there.

Athina Ioannidou
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Lake Kerkini may be referred to as artificial lake, nevertheless a small piece existed since ancient times and its size depended on how much water will be brought down by the river Strymon, the main feeder of the Lake. From the lake you can follow the river and reach the floating Idonida city of "Nine Streets", ie Amphipolis.

During the ancient years the forests were full of oaks, beeches, pines, chestnut trees and on the hills lived boars, deers, bears, bulls, leopards, lynx and lions. They say that lions had attacked the camels of Xerxes during the passage of the Persian army from Strymon river.

Lake Kerkini, which is surrounded by Mount Beles, Mount Kroussia, Mount Mavrovouni and Mount Agkistro, no longer have lions or leopards but still hosts a rich flora and fauna and offer stunning landscapes and images. It is alive and always changing, different during the winter and different during the summer.

We recommend 15 things you can do when you get there always depending on the season. Hope you visit many times to make them all:

  1. Boat trip or canoe in the lake, to see the beauty around
  2. 4x4 or bike ride in the lake dikes (see details here)
  3. See the buffalo, flamingos, water lilies and birds of the Lake (spring-summer)
  4. Visit the sets of the Angelopoulo's film (see details here)
  5. Visit the Aquarium and the Railway Station of Vyronia
  6. Visit the villages of Upper and Lower Poria and try the Oasis tavern or the Pestrofeio in the Upper Poria
  7. In the village Makrynitsa find the tavern Evora, which has the best recommendations
  8. Visit the Monastery of St. John the Baptist with its magnificent architecture and the view to the lake (Above Akritochori) or Monastiraki village where you will find a monastery with only one monk. He will be very happy to see you!
  9. The lakeside forest
  10. Try buffalo products, milk from buffalo and the desert kazan dipi
  11. Visit the huts of the lake fishermen in southeastern side (see details here)
  12. Try the Hot Springs of Sidirokastro or Agkistro village
  13. Visit Waterfall with Hot Springs in Sidirokastro
  14. Visit the Stone Bridges of Achladochori and Karydochoriou.
  15. Follow the fantastic journey from Kapnofyto village to Laylias ski centre.

Anything else to suggest? Have we forgotten something important? Write it down in comments at add it to the list!


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