Gorge of Aggitis, the trail, the train and the Cave of Alistrati.

Athina Ioannidou
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A really great place that very few know is the Gorge of Aggitis starting from Symvoli village in Serres region and ends at Angista village. A place magical and cool, where blue water springs and one can enjoy dragonflies, bike trails, hiking, airlifts and plenty more. It was a surprise for me!

Crossing the greek countryside and particularly the Plains of Philippi with its golden-yellow grains, you see from afar the thick vegetation and green clumps of trees and realize that you are reaching to your destination. On the border of Drama and Serres, the river Aggitis joins the Central Canal of the Plains of Philippi and continues headfirst into a wonderful gorge.

You can hike from there to the Cave of Alistrati. You go through meadows, the streched part of the river, the overpass that will go towards the gorge, you will cross the alley with the wild lavender, jump the train rails and get to the paved courtyard of Cave of Alistrati, a marvelous cave!

On the way back, you can stop Symvoli village to pinch some fresh trouts, but the most important thing you should ask is, the uniquely tasting, smoky trout that the "Galazia Nera" tavern makes, right next to the river.


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