Chateaux Constantin - a Vintage guesthouse at the heart of Agkistro.

Athina Ioannidou
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Chateaux Constantin Traditional Hotel, is an accommodation with long name. A name true to the rich impressions we got during our few-day visit to Agistro and particularly the Chateaux Constantin that welcomed us so dearly.

We were originally greeted by Kostis, a bon viver with a profound love for the guesthouse, a man of many ideas and a creative mind. Boasting rich experience in various luxurious resorts in Greece and around the world, one can't help but originally wonder how he ended up settling down in Agistro village.

A brief look at the guesthouse however, a glimpse at the elegant antique furniture and brilliant room arrangement and decoration, quickly sheds a vivid light on such questions. Extravagant lighting, priceless pieces of furniture, paintings and other art pieces, vintage dining rooms and, most importantly, decorative owls which are the trademark of the Guesthouse.

The Chateaux makes a striking impression from an architectural standpoint and is the product of the vision of Kostis himself, even though he lacks formal architectural training. He is a person of great capabilities. He enjoys cooking and he does it well, he enjoys painting and he does it well, he enjoys welcoming guests and he does it well.

When we entered our room a surprise was waiting for us, flowers, dessert and a bottle of wine to "Welcome" us, which we gladly devoured. Our room was in the same vintage-style with many details that made the difference, such as the table in the centre of the room, in which our breakfast was served every day. Eggs, juice, coffee, honey from Thassos and various jams.

The days went by quickly and Kostis offered us true hospitality and friendship. We ate together, we talked about ideas, we talked about traveling and the future and he also told us about the Spa & Hammam centre, which he prepares in a tower very close to the Chateaux. We are looking forward to visit it as we were promised a Turkish bath and massage and these promises can’t be forgotten!


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