Ski and Chalet stories at Elatohori Ski Centre.

Peny P
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A small and relatively new ski centre right in the heart of Pieria mountains. It is about 35 km away from Katerini and it's easy to get here, as the owners have made a really good job at placing signs in several spots of the road.

As soon as you arrive, you will see the men who help in the parking and then you can choose in which of the 2 chalets you want to sit and enjoy your coffee.

If you want higher altitude don't bother, you can hop on the teleferik and enjoy a more winty coffee at the top. The prices are normal and lowered in comparison with the previous year.

Also, if you are passionate skiers you can have annual cards and enjoy a wide range in slopes (the slopes vary depending on the difficulty you want). Even if you don't have your own equipment, you can rent from small shops which are located before the entrance.

In a nutshell, it is a rising and promising ski centre, but it needs to snow more, so you will be able to take a better look of it and to get an integrated view as we (the locals) do!


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Peny P

Είμαι η Πένυ απ' το πολύ (μα πολύ όμως) ορεινό Ελατοχώρι! Αγαπώ τον τόπο μου, ο οποίος αναπτύσσεται ολοένα και περισσότερο με τα χρόνια, πράγμα λογικό αν σκεφτείς ότι έχει απίστευτη ομορφιά σε συνδυασμό με ένα αξιόλογο χιονοδρομικό κέντρο. Γι' αυτό το λόγο, αποφάσισα να γράψω μερικά άρθρα με μαγαζιά, ξενοδοχεία και αξιοθέατα που προτιμώ και θεωρώ πως αξίζει να επισκεφτεί κάποιος που δεν είναι από εδώ! Enjoy, λοιπόν!!

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