Goumenissa and its fine wines.

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Goumenissa is a picturesque town built at the foot of the beautiful mountain of Paeko. During our preparation for this trip we expected to encounter a small village with few inhabitants. Instead we saw a very large village where one can find everything a traveller needs. 

In the village center there is a very nice and picturesque paved plaza with trees and a stone fountain with running water. There you can find any kind of shop or coffee or cooked food, and baked snacks. Besides, Goumenissa is famous for the wine and raki, so it is worth to sit in the square and enjoy local products. 

The village is full of estates which produce and bottle the famous wine. During the weekend we visited one of these winery estates. The owner guides us through the process of wine production and showed us the equipment needed. We also visited the cellar which was full of wooden tubs in which the wine ages. The place was very impressive and decorated with small candles.

At the end we were able to try the wines along with small snacks and enjoy the view over the vineyards of the village.


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