A "Small Island" in the heart of Kavala.

Athina Ioannidou
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The Small island (Mikro Nesi) has its own rich history, in contrast to its small name. Started from a Larger island (older version of the bar) in a neoclassical building of the city, then moved to a tobacco warehouse and finally came near the city's port in a traditional building just to pass the remaining years of its life.

Mr. George Simitas is the initiator of this evergreen bar and has awakened the city numerous times from the slumber of everyday life, due to the music, the spirits and the mood.

The café-bar Small Island (Mikro Nesi) is the essential drop in of Milo Manara when he comes to town. You will enjoy the most beautiful music, guaranteed. Whether Simitas play music himself or a selected friend with nice musical sounds.

In Small Island I've had the best parties, I've drunk the strongest drinks and I' ve heard the most beautiful music. This bar has a lot of passion.

If you visit it in winter you will feel the warm embrace of the music and the oak bar and the standing glasses from the ceiling. The walls also have their own story and will gaze them while you are sipping a brandy at the end of the bar.

In the summer you will enjoy the tables and the stairs of the shop and you will see all the youthful souls of the city to reach the site.

Photos by: Anna Tselepi & Mikro Nesi


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