Pirates, bombs and battlefields at the Castle of Kavala.

Athina Ioannidou
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One of the most striking features of the image of Kavala is the citadel at the top of the peninsula of Panagia. The city walls were first built in the early 5th century BC and expanded and repaired by the Byzantines. The fortress of Christoupolis passed successively under the rule of the Lombards (1204), the Franks (1208), again the Byzantines and then the Turks (1391).

Was used as a defensive point but also as a place of exile and imprisonment of nationals of Sultan Suleiman and other influential personalities. Around 1880 it was the administrative center of the city and the region. In another era they used it to organize entertainments, such as the 'bechlivanides' (wrestlers). In 1964 the castle passed from the Egyptian government to the Municipality of Kavala's property. Now it is serving peaceful purposes and is available for theatrical performances, festivals, conferences, workshops. The scars of history is almost intact and invite you for endless explorations.

When you get up there, try to explore the area with all your senses. Take a look at the huge stone walls, the heavy wooden doors, enjoy the city views from the holes in the walls, listen to the seagulls and the sounds of the peninsula. You can roam the main Tower on gunpowder store- prison, the outpost and the courtyard. Imagine of some strange story with pirates, shells, smoke and sea and recite the tale to those around you!

Local Tips:

  1. Definitely attend a summer cultural show.

  2. Climb the Tower - Observatory and gaze Kavala in a 360 view.

  3. Climb the walls and find yourself in the battlements. From there it will churn out amazing photos.

  4. And of course go into the hold, the powder store and hold in your hands real bombs, bam boom.


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