Palia (old) Kavala path

Vagelis Ferelis
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Only a few kilometres from Kavala, there is a wonderfull path where you can discover the secret beauty of nature, enjoy the natural shades of the forest and drink from the crystal waters of the river.

There is also an old watermill where you can visit and learn about the old times of making flour. The cultural union of Palia Kavala regularly holds courses where you will learn how to make your own bread.

The best element of the path is the unique waterfall which is about 15 meters high. The water is very very cold, but don't hesitate to take a deep inside it, it will definitely revive you!

Next to the waterfall there is a wooden facility where you can have a pic nick and an open space where you can camp at night!

Stay during the night, you will see million of fireflies around you! Amazing moments!

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