Mud bath of Krinides, a hidden medicinal treasure of earth.

Athina Ioannidou
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"Hahahaha" I laughed out loud to my friend, "Do i look like an old lady with arthritis to visit the mud baths."

"Do not be stupid, you don't even know what the mud bath is and what it can do to your body and skin," she answered.

My body? My skin? This sustainable workshop of nature with the healing clay and medicinal water which springs for centuries may be the perfect preventive medicine for me that I am susceptible to delights?

Set in a beautiful area, under tall trees, I tried the mud bath. The cosmetic of nature is said to make miracles in this place, for my skin and for my hair, so I tried it despite the loathing I felt for this viscous hot material in dark gray color. No pain no gain!

The experience was total and unique. You take off your clothes and underwear and slowly enters the mud, where you lie down and begin to cover your face and your hair. Meanwhile, ladies with the color of mud, lie here and there on the tiles out of the pool like statues, as they leave the clay to dry on them in the sun. Cinematic and surreal scenery.

After the completion of your mudbath (lasts 30 minutes and costs 5 euros), you go out and take off the most mud over you. The third stage is the shower. Huge showers with thermal water splashing with force to remove the clay that may have penetrated into your ears. I imagined it as my personal thermal waterfall, so I sat under it with closed eyes for a few minutes. I traveled somewhere far.

Once the process of purification with thermal spring water finished, I wore my swimsuit and I continued with the second pleasure that Krinide's mudbaths has to offer. The Ottoman bath once created by Kemal Ataturk for his beloved Latifa Khanum. Fully restored and renovated with the same thermal water used for the mudbath.

In the end I am exhausted yet renewed.

The combination of this Clay with warm thermal water cannot be found elsewhere in Greece. This phenomenon is unique to this area and people visit from all around the world to make most out of its medicinal benefits. I learned that the managers have great ambitions for this area and want to upgrade it even more.

For more information about the Mudbath, the Ottoman bath, Therapies, massage and exercise that you can do there, you will find them here -> Click.


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