Messoropi village, a hiking and nature village of Kavala region.

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'"No, no, no this is not my village, but it is one of those i would like to live"

Mesoropi village, ie. The "amid Mountains hole", is located in the southern foothills of Mount Pangeon and surrounded by mountains. Just half an hour from the city of Kavala, it numbers 610 inhabitants, who are predominantly engaged in farming, agriculture, beekeeping and production of tahini and halva.

Arriving at this traditional village, i stopped at a paved square with Macedonian architecture houses of the 19th century, coffee houses, picturesque narrow streets, tobacco houses, stone bridges, lush vegetation and flowing crystal waters. Somewhere there, for 4 centuries, the small church of Agia Kyriaki is also being preserved, with a characteristic inscription in the upper part of the door. In the small agricultural Folklore Museum of the village i found utensils, a loom, costumes, furniture, rich photographic material and old coins connecting the present with the recent past giving an insight into the daily life of the inhabitants. A museum that really goes back in time.

It worths to mention that from Mesoropi passed great human figures such as Great Alexander, Leo III Isaurian, Kosmas of Aetolia and the historical significance of the area is completed with the discoveries of ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions.

Mesoropi is, however, above all a trekking paradise with incredible natural beauty for all lovers of nature and rural tourism. I hiked the "path of Mesoropi" (4.5 hours walk) and found an idyllic landscape of incomparable beauty with lush vegetation, trees, rivers, and waterfalls forming ponds, wild mushrooms, stone arches and wooden bridges. The landscape was so beautiful i could not stop pressing my photography's buttin. Stunning green and the sweet sound of running water create an ambient atmosphere like a fairytale ... And at that time I was living just my own story ... I could not imagine that I would meet this magical landscape.

The unsatisfied feeling for the unknown but also the tranquility that nature offered me kept me going without stopping. The first waterfall with the small pond, Niomvrios or Nivrios, was my reward for the first 30 minutes of hiking, making me want to dive into the chilled waters. At this pond, a local custom takes place, the drop of the cross during the celebration of Epiphany. At the end of the path, I found myself in the Cave Voskovrysi also with a pond hidden inside.

Surprises are endless when nature is unfolded upon our eyes. The extreme beauty of Mesoropi makes me wanna go back, again and again, when nature is calling me.

Photos by E.O.S & Messoropi Blog


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