"Kounoupidi" - The House of beer and coffee in Peramos, Kavala

Nensi Vigani
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On summer evenings, what better than a stroll along the beach. So this is how I visited the place I am going to describe. A friend told me that there's a nice pub somewhere in Peramo and I decided to visit it. Eventually she was right.

The Kounoupidi (cauliflower in greek) or else House of Beer and Coffee is a nice cafe - pub at the beginning of  New Peramos. Young, simple and rock, covers all tastes. The exterior is a yard with wooden tables and stands in dark brown shades. The inner, smaller, in the same shades, hosts the “ magic” bar with the beer barrels. Lounge music in the morning to enjoy your coffee calmly and rock or ska sounds sometimes in the evening, just push you to what you came for, to drink beers until you try them all. I would recommend it unreservedly.

In the morning, try greek coffee made in the pot and of course draft beer in the evening!!


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Nensi Vigani

I was born in Albania and the last 14 years I live in Greece. I love music and photography because i believe that anything good or bad can be expressed with sounds and can be inprinted in pictures. Is the best way to remember every moment of our life because everything are worth remembering! One of my biggest dreams is to visit Rio De Janeiro!! The reason of course, the lovely sounds, people who express their feelings through dancing and the city's unique beauty!

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