7+7 places i love to visit at Kavala city - a local's point of view.

Athina Ioannidou
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When you spend five years of adult life in the city you were born and grew up, after all your student wanderings around Greece and abroad, you can relax and see the place differently. So I may come from this city, but it still has hidden secrets that reveals to me slowly as my vision expands.

Places I love and visit often when the days are sunny are:

  1. The Old city, the eternal favorite, the peninsula of Panagia one of the oldest parts of the city's history. I wander through the cobbled streets, dawdle and take pictures of the colorful houses, the Imaret, the gardens of Mehmet Ali, the Konaki of Khalil Bey and the Castle. I walk in the lovely courtyard of the Church of Panagia and back there I have a balcony with sea view. Besides the listed building of the municipal Panagia I get to the lighthouse and from there I have an amphitheatrical view towards the city and which i admire.
  2. The rocks of Panagia. Near the lighthouse of the old town follow the stairs that lead down to the rocks. Sometimes I stop a little higher at a small balcony to have visual and perspective and other times I descend to the rocks to feel the sea and smell the saltiness. There live many gods and miracles happen.
  3. Imaret. If you can get a coffee or even better stay in one of its rooms, this jewel of Ottoman architecture has to offer you unforgettable moments. The 1000 and one nights of your life can start from here.
  4. The Shipyard. Every time I visit, new ship docks stand on the shore, get painted and get ready to go out again in sea and others without power have left their carcass over there. In the tavern of the shipyard you will enjoy the stories that your mind will invent of the travels of the hosted ships.
  5. Tour by the port on foot or with the municipal bicycles. I start from the port, where the ships to Thasos are docked and walk all around the coast until the Park of Faliro, when I am on high spirits I keep it going up to the beach of Kalamitsa. If it is summer, I dive at the sea and then take the road back.
  6. The Tobacco Museum, I go there to smell the history of the city, a rich tobacco town with thousands of tobacco workers, tobacco merchants, ships and consulates from abroad. Exhibits and photos are strong enough to carry you through this era, other habits, another fashion and another aesthetic.
  7. The district of Agios Nikolaos, with its cobbled streets, its tiny shops, taverns, cafes and its inhabitants, operates like a miniature city.


Shops I really like:

  1. The café - bar “Polite”, coffee and endless lazy hours.
  2. “Fleri”, a sweet café at the square of Nikiforos.
  3. The “Mpakaliarakia tis Kira Marias”, for steamed fish.
  4. “Myrsini” who fell in love with the oven, for its great greek wines.
  5. “Tsalapetinos”, for breakfast with scrambled eggs and capuccino
  6. The “Koukounara” at the grove of Panagouda, for cool moments in the hot summer months.
  7. “Nouvelle Vague”, for drinks and concerts like rock'n'roll, swing, jazz, ethnik.


Many more, the city, has to offer you, streets and buildings with great history, historic neighborhoods, beaches and events, but all these will need a little more time and more familiarizing with the ups and downs of our amphitheatrical city. Trust me on the above and tell me frankly, are they not so beautiful to make your day like they make mine?


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