The traditional guesthouse Pierian Muses.

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The old Elatohori is a great solution for a pleasant break and a quick and easy way out of the daily routine for those who live in Thessaloniki . The traditional guesthouse Pierian Muses is an ideal choice for those who want to visit the village which is in the foothills of Pieria conditions at an altitude of 900m .

The hostel is built on the highest point of the village and has the advantage of the view of Olympus Mountain and the Thermaikos bay. Inspired by the architecture of the area being built of stone and wood.

The owners, Mr. Perlantidis Basilis and his wife Mrs. Angeliki have completely devoted to their creation and I realised  how polite and discreet were . They allowed me to check in, just before midnight, which is difficult for someone to meet except from famous hotels in big cities and I noticed how friendly were with all clients of the hostel .

The hostel consists of several different buildings and the rooms are named by the Muses and their history which" haunt " the area. I was impressed with the warmness of the rooms which were not like the other hostels' mountain villages.

Except from the rooms the Pierian Muses have spa, entertainment area (ideal for children) and café- bar - restaurant where I recommend you to try the delicious pizza in the evening while surfing with wi-fi! Also I was lucky because during the weekend I was there, a wine festival took place and the hostel was one of the few places,where we could try several wines !

The old Elatohori is not far away from Thessaloniki and you can access easily , while the Pierian Muses is appropriate both for relaxing and for ski center of Elatohori ( just 7km from there).


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