Hiking the "white trail" of Nymfaion for health and happiness.

Vasilis Triantafyllou
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Six antidotes of technology, six trails on forest paths of Nimfaio: We bought the relevant book from the information center of Arktouros, which operates within the Nikeion School after the recommendation of Constantine from “Nymphes".

Because of the time and the snow, we decided to take the first, easiest and quickest route, the "white", for health and happiness, as it was saying inside: The more someone walks, the more beauty they face, the more healthy and happy they feel!

Our goal was the across ridge and the Prophet Helias. We crossed the village, by asking the locals and although it’s January and the bears are sleeping, they told us to be careful! We arrived at the entrance, outside the big parking and there we turned left and upwards, on the sign that says "Wildlife Park".

After a short walk, we arrived at Prophet Elias and had the first break at the wooden benches outside. There was too much snow at the spots where the sun was hidden! We continued upwards, until we reached the ridge and then we started walking along it and admiring Nimfeo, and we were looking on the one hand directly across the street, on the other hand the Zazari lake and in depth Mount Olympus, which seemed like they were the one next to the other, because of the excellent visibility of that day.

We were starring for a while, we arrived at the kiosk which is nearby and then we went slowly downwards. Next time we will take the blue, the next most difficult, the so-called "the antidote for technology"…


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Vasilis was born in Larisa and from the first years of his life he relised his love for the world which led him to study astrophysics. He loves panoramic photography and is the creator of www.360tours.gr. He loves hiking, so he dedicates his free time to mountain hiking and photography.

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