Carnival: "Babougera" of Kali Vrisi in Drama.

Kalliopi Vlahopanou
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Traditions most often win the show, especially if they are kind of fiestas, with loads of fun, wine and food.

A very favourite tradition of mine is the one that happens every year at “Kali Vrisi” location in Drama. It is called “Babougera”.

It is a fiesta for those that really like to have fun. People are dressed with a traditional suit which is made of Goat leather and fur and holds more than 10 bells on it.

As you can imagine when the mascarades walk or run this bells are heard up to the next village. The local clubs are in charge of organizing and making the carnival happen.

Wine and food is free for everybody and it makes sure that every one is going to have fun with what is going to hear and see.

This tradition is a historic one and it comes from the ancient years when God Dionysos was around. Nowdays it taken place on the 6th, 7th and 8th of January, when the fiesta is at its best.

We had a gorgeous time, dancing, laughing, having fun with each other, drinking wine and eating home made food, and this I why we are thinking of going there every single year.

Try it!


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